Dear Parents, I, on behalf of DPS KIDZ, take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the favours we have received and reiterate our commitment for the services to the society we live in. We are blessed to have been entrusted with the responsibility of educating the kids, who will leave their positive imprints for the generations to come. The first stepping stone of learning should be firm enough to be a champion in future. We, at DPS Kidz, aim at imparting a congenial environment along with the dedication of our staffs. Assisted with the age appropriate infrastructure DPS Kidz helps your child to grasp the knowledge with fun. I wish your child a happy learning experience.
We at DPS Kidz believe that each and every child is a God's Blessing which needs a tender treatment. We aim to take care of all the emotional and physical needs of the tiny tots. Our children not only deserve happy and a healthy childhood but also a way of life which prepares them to be ready for the future so that they do not miss any opportunity to grow and learn. The kids at DPS Kidz learn to become self reliant, social with all the emphasis on gross motor and fine motor skills. DPS learning system at the Kindergarten level fosters the dreams of the kids & trains the tiny tots accordingly. DPS Kidz Curriculum ensures that they retain these things then they would be special adults indeed. We not only lay emphasis on growth and development but a special care is given to the students to learn social etiquettes. A well mannered child will always be popular so our curriculum teaches them to understand that manners are the oil that grease the society. The greatest gift we can bestow upon our kids is the self-confidence. If we listen to them with respect they learn that their views are valued and feel happy to express what they feel and think. The DPS Kidz curriculum enables a congenial atmosphere of sharing and caring.
We have a dream that every childhood should be celebrated; every smile has to be cherished; every new step has to be treasured, every child becomes a celebrity. DPS Kidz is a small step to pay back the society endless favours it has bestowed upon us. The best way for that, we believe, is to give our kids a learning experience so that they become ready to face the hurdles in future and become epitomes of success and ultimately an asset to the society. It is the trust that underpins all positive relationships and is an integral part of the relationships that are fostered at DPS Kidz. All of these values working together provide the rich environment for nurturing strong relationship and is the cornerstone of quality early childhood education. DPS Kidz provides a secure, comfortable and stimulating instructional environment in which the children are empowered to learn and perform their best. DPS Kidz will enable be children to reach their fullest potential as inspired learners, independent thinkers and future model citizen and leaders by developing character and educating the whole child – academically, emotionally and physically.